A true game-changer

EVCO is providing a riding experience never before seen, without any compromises

Car suspension systems have always been a major challenge for the automotive industry. The design of the systems generally ends with the delicate compromise between comfort and performance. Comfortable vehicle — soft suspension with limited stability. Stable vehicle — stiff suspension with a rough ride.

Over the years, several solutions have been introduced in the market in an attempt to create a suspension system that will meet all the variables, such as pneumatic suspension systems, air suspension, shock absorbers that fit the conditions of the road. Adaptive suspension, being the most cutting-edge suspension in the Market today, allows dynamic control of the suspension using complex computers and high-end technology. This complex solution requires a costly maintenance and replacement fee.

The vehicle's shock absorbers are responsible for vehicle safety and stability, they have a critical impact on the vehicle's braking distance, weight transfers, and traction, while trying to provide a pleasant, comfortable and relaxing ride experience. As stated, the solutions currently offered in the form of adaptive shock absorbers are due to the fact that shock absorber manufacturers have not succeeded in developing a shock absorber that operates on all the required spectrum without any external interference, manually or electronically.

EVCO has developed an independent shock absorber capable of providing the vehicle with high quality and comfortable ride while maintaining stability, performance, and grip without compromising the quality of the ride. Thanks to a unique internal mechanism, each type of vehicle can be equipped with shock absorbers that will provide the vehicle with suitable driving characteristics.

The automotive industry is developing rapidly and adapts itself to global trends such as safety. fuel-efficient vehicles and stringent air pollution requirements that more and more countries are adopting.

In addition, today's trend is to switch to electric and autonomous electric vehicles in the future. EVCO shock absorbers operate independently, unlike adaptive suspension systems controlled by expensive, computerized systems, especially systems that consume electricity!

EVCO is the first and only Israeli company that manufactures shock absorbers.

Better Performance

EVCO shock absorber improves vehicle control, ride quality, stability, range of action and much more

Safer Ride

EVCO shock absorber reduces braking distance, dropping car bow and body roll and makes it easier and safer to avoid obstacles and cope with hazards

Cost Effective

EVCO shock absorbers cost less than the current standard shock absorbers